Vršac - a city of wine and love


Hotel Villa Breg offers variety of activities to complete your stay.

The hotel boasts a multifunctional sport court certified by the ITF at 170 meters above sea level suitable for top athletes and amateurs alike. The court is covered with Confosport, an innovative surface technology from Italian company Casali. Designed to increase surface elasticity for a safer game, the advanced surface offers a safer environment than asphalt for the casual and the competitive.

Offer includes:
  • Multifunctional sports court for tennis, volleyball, basketball and football
  • Rent- a- bike
  • Table tennis

    If you want to complete your stay, make the most of the excellent location of the hotel and try out the activities from our offer.
    • pesacenje
      HIKING Vrsac Mountains are an ideal area for this type of sports and recreational activity. There are marked trails where tourists can hike alone or with a guide. There is a Health Trail (trim trail with an outdoor Gym), Vrsac Transversal and others.
    • free climbing
      FREE CLIMBING Unlike artificial rocks that can be found in major sports and recreational centers, the Vrsac Mountains are one of the few places in Serbia with natural dry rocks suitable for this sport. Climbing is done on the cliffs with pegs, on the west side of the Vrsac Tower, near the premises of the Extreme Sports Club "Izazov" (Challenge).
    • paraglajding
      PARAGLIDING The Vrsac Mountains also provide excellent conditions for paragliding where Vrsac has hosted a number of international competitions. Paragliding from the mountains provides panoramic views over the Banat plains and into Romania and is done in a tandem with experienced instructors.
    • lov i ribolov
      HUNTING AND FISHING The area of the Vrsac Mountains and their surroundings offers favorable conditions for the development of hunting tourism. Hunting Association “Vrsacka kula” maintains the hunting ground of the same name in the total area of 54,840 hectares (1ha=10,000m2). The cultivated species of wildlife in the hunting area are deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant and partridge. Fishing is possible on the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal nearby Vrsac. The banks are adapted to fishermen, and there is also access for people with disabilities.
    • rafting rekom karas
      RAFTING ON THE RIVER KARAS Kayaking is a kind of sport, usually on the river, where a group of people go down the river, with the aim of excitement, adventure and socializing. The first race in kayaks and canoes, organized by the extreme sports club "Challenge" was held in 2012 with a length of 25 km. Kayaking is organized periodically for announced groups in the context of arrangements.
    • streljana
      SHOOTING Shooting SC Millennium was built according to the strictest standards of fire-fighting and ballistic protection. It consists of 10m air shooting (4 lines), and 25m firearm shooting (4 lines). It is possible to organize sports and recreational shooting and the conditional one.