• Surroundings of Vrsac
    Vrsac and its surrounding have abundant natural beauty as well as many cultural monuments.

    Cultural routes:

    • “Cultural Treasure of Vrsac "→ tour of the Cathedral of St. Gerhard, the Palace of the Banat Diocese, the City Museum, City Park, the Church of St. Theodore of Vrsac, Pharmacy on the Stairs, House of Jovan Sterija Popovic, as well as the symbol of the city-Vrsac Tower.

    • "Religious Tour" → Mesic Monastery and the Monastery in Malo Srediste.

    • "Wine Road" → We are able to arrange for you a tour called the "Wine Route", which involves passing through the Vrsac vineyards and a visit to nearby villages of Gudurica or Srediste where in one of the famous vine cellars you can do wine tasting and have lunch or dinner with the live music of a local tambourine band.

    • Tour of the Deliblato Sands

    • Tour of the Bela Crkva lakes